Savage, Minnesota


The Great Dan Patch

The name has nothing to do with being a hostile place to live. It was named to honor Marion Savage.  Marion Savage was a great horse breeder and acquired a promising harness race horse by the name of Dan Patch in the late 1800’s. Marion loved this horse and experienced great success in one of America’s most popular sports at the time, harness racing.  Dan Patch was never defeated in any of his races.  During the 1906 Minnesota State Fair, Dan Patch broke the world record of 1:56.  There were over 90,000 spectators in the grandstand that day!  Savage was a great promoter and the horse became a legend.  Savage was one of the first people to promote consumer and livestock products using an animal in the promotion.  In the early 1900’s, you could find Dan Patch pocket watches, tobacco and livestock products everywhere.  There was even a song by the name of the “Dan Patch Two Step” which was widely popular.  Savage and his great horse went on to become American idols long before other race horses like Man O War or Sea Biscuit.  The horse and his owner traveled throughout the country entertaining thousands of spectators.  Suddenly in 1916, Dan Patch’s heart stopped and the horse died.  Thirty two hours later after his favorite horse had expired, Marion Savage died from a heart attack.  Where is Hollywood?

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