Tuxedo, NY & the tuxedo suit


In 1886, Pierre Lorillard IV built an exclusive country club here. He named it the “Tuxedo Club”.  It was a private country club and only exclusive socialites were included in its membership.  One of its members was wealthy millionaire, James Potter.  Potter was friends with Edward VII of England, the Prince of Wales.  The Prince fancied Potter’s wife, Cora, and invited both of them to come visit him in England.  Potter was impressed with Edward’s smoking jacket.  The Prince replied that it was manufactured by the Henry Poole Company in England and the company had exclusively designed it for him.  Potter liked the Prince’s suit so well he had a duplicate made.  When Potter returned to his hometown to show it off, his wealthy friends at the Tuxedo Country Club were ecstatic.  It was such a hit all of the country club members started sporting this new fashion in apparel and the tuxedo became the popular attire for the club’s social events.  Later, other wealthy American socialites joined in on the new fashion.  However, no one knows for sure how impressed Cora Potter was with the Prince of Wale’s tuxedo.  I guess only the Prince and Cora know!

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