Seattle, WA


Chief Seattle

The name was chosen in honor of an Indian chief. The chief was the leader of the Puget Indians and was best known for his ability to negotiate treaties. His real name was Chief Steathl.  Later, he became known as “Seattle”.  Seathl was a mighty warrior of the Duwamish Indian Tribe who was located in the area which is now Seattle.  He became chief of the tribe and remained peaceful throughout his life.  In 1852, Doc Maynard purchased land in the area and established a general store.  Since his store was the only one, Maynard’s business flourished.  As the community grew, fear of local Indian attacks grew.  To stave off future attacks, Maynard made a deal with Chief Seattle.  He would name his town “Seattle” in honor of the chief.  At the time, the community was known as “DuWamps”.  Chief Seattle agreed and local Indian attacks began to be less of a threat.  However, Chief Seattle demanded monthly payments from the town for compensation.  After the Chief’s death, the local Duwamish Indians believed the chief’s soul would be disturbed in the afterlife whenever the name “Seattle” was spoken.

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