It was an Accident, Maryland!


In the early 1700’s, George Deakins was given over 600 acres of land in this area by King George II of England. Deakins wanted to plat the land to establish a town.  He hired two surveyors and instructed each of them to choose the best location for the town.  Deakins and the town citizens studied the findings of both surveyors.  To their surprise, each surveyor had chosen the same tree and area of land to plat for their new community.  Deakins and the citizens exclaimed this must be an “accident”!  Because of this coincidence, both Deakins and the citizens agreed that “accident” surely must be the name for their town.  Shortly afterwards, the town became known as “Accident”.  Throughout the evolution of naming America’s new towns we find fate, superstition or just plain accidents are responsible for the some of our community names.

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