The Legend of Monkey’s Eyebrow


Legend has it that if you look down on the town from a map, it appears to look like the eyebrow of a monkey. Well, let’s help you understand.  The community is located on a long stretch of highway.  The highway makes a long “eyebrow” curve where the town is located.  Now, to solve the mystery of the monkey, take out your map and look down at the area surrounding the town.  The town is located near the Ohio River near the Illinois and Kentucky border.  Look at the Ohio River.  The river curves around and forms the shape of a monkey’s head facing west.  Do you see the monkey?  If this monkey had an eyebrow, this is definitely where the eyebrow should be!  As far as the apostrophe in monkeys, I guess punctuation was not a big priority back then.  Many times you will see older maps or signs of Monkey’s Eyebrow without an apostrophe.  By the way, I must give credit to Joe from Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky.  Without his input I would have never solved this mystery.  Thanks again Joe, I sleep much better at night.

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